Nature Quest Solo

What is a Wilderness Solo?

A Nature Quest wilderness solo is simply the act of going into nature alone. There are many ways to craft this experience. Often , seasoned guides provide basic instructions to support your solo.┬áThe individual carefully and respectfully selects a natural area in which to stay for the entire duration of the solo time. Sometimes, the solo site picks you! There are no artificial distractions, just you – your body, mind and spirit alone, experiencing.

When surrounded by nature, sensations of deep peace and tranquility, inner joy and solace naturally arise.  Just think back to your childhood when you would lie down on the Earth and gaze at the clouds in the sky or enjoy the beauty of a tree or allow your imagination to float with a butterfly on the breeze.

Nature's Pollination Dance (c) bwilson


This is an excellent example of a “Nature Sensing” process:

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