Welcome to – World Nature Quest

Our First World Nature Quest, May 14 -22, 2011 was a great success!

More than 35 groups participated in 17 countries on 5 continents. 

Participants have said, “they’ll never be the same!”

THANKS TO ALL THE NATURE QUESTERS from 17 Countries for participating!

Celebrate Gaia

Watch a few highlights from our first ever World Nature Quest:

World Nature Quest Highlights

Join one of the many groups simultaneously gathering all around the world, to experience a direct connection with Nature. Imagine humans collectively giving back their love, gratitude and appreciation for the seen and unseen realms of our cosmos. 

Individuals will share Earth honoring ceremonial practices, followed by solo/alone time in a wide variety of settings, culminating in a world wide affirmation of thankfulness. Simply put this is a grand, co-creative celebration of Nature.

As guides and participants, our intention is to honor all life on Earth and inspire reverence, as we revive and grow the time honored process of going into nature for contemplation and renewal; opening the heart and quieting the mind. Click on this link to see an interview with Bud Wilson on the topic of Reverence for Nature.

Advances in neuroscience and mindfulness practice confirm profound health benefits arising from the healing power of Nature. The calming and therapeutic influence of the wild is further supported by the emerging field of Biophila.

John P. Milton on the Value of Alone Time in Nature

Gathering simultaneously in sacred ceremony creates a powerful opening for a global celebration to consciously cherish and honor Nature, Spirit and our human relationship with the cosmos!

Connect deeply with Nature and Spirit by joining one of the many groups gathering on every continent around the world.

The Trail Blazers: Participating Organizations & Group Locations:

How many groups will join us in 2012? You’re invited to participate.

  • Australia, Flinders Island; sacred observance / silent witness
  • Australia, Tapitallee near Kangaroo Valley; The Way of Nature – Australia
  • Brazil, Sao Paulo; The Way of Nature Brazil – Minas Gerais – Extrema
  • Britain, Snowdonia, North Wales; Ancient Healing Ways
  • California, Big Pine; The School of Lost Borders **
  • California, Ojai;  Ojai Foundation
  • California, San Ardo; Eco Spirit Gaia Quest – The Way of Nature
  • California, Three Creeks; Beyond Boundaries**
  • California, Tomales; Medicine Horse Ranch – Wilderness Reflections
  • Colombia, Bogota; Up-Stream Consulting & The Way of Nature, Colombia**
  • Colorado, Durango; Rocky Mountain Retreat Center – Way of Nature Fellowship
  • Colorado, “Diamond in the Rough” – School of Lost Borders **
  • Colorado, Crestone; Community Inter Faith Celebration – The Way of Nature Fellowship
  • Croatia
  • Ecuador, San Pablo; Outward Bound Ecuador/The edge
  • Estonia, Harma, Piusa Urgorg; Ruumiloojad
  • France, The Basque Region of the Pyrenees; Bio-Energetica **
  • France, The Vogesen Mountains – ARSeminare; Natur, Mythos, Kreativitat **
  • Germany, Eschwege Institut – Campus Peregrini**
  • Hawaii, Maui; Indigenous Grandmothers, Circle the Earth Foundation
  • Malaysia; United Religions Initiative, Cooperation Circle
  • New York, USA; Pumpkin Hollow – Institute for Nature and Leadership “Nature as Mentor”
  • Oregon, Ashland; Wilderness Rites
  • Panama, Mamoni Valley Preserve; Earth Train
  • Portugal, Tamera Healing Biotope
  • Scotland; The Forests of the Central Highlands – “Children of the Earth”
  • South Africa, Bergplaas Nature Reserve; Spirit of the Wild
  • South Africa, The Cederbergs; Purely Wild Wilderness Encounters
  • Sweden;  Naturakademin Learning Lab, Stockholm
  • Sweden; The Way of Nature International & The Pathfinders - Björkvikstorpet
  • Texas, Glen Rose; High Hope Ranch**
  • Utah Canyon Country, Animas Valley Institute, Soulcraft Immersion;
  • Utah, Canyonlands; Animas Quest
  • Utah, Canyon Country; The Boulder Institute**
  • Utah, Canyonlands; Sacred Passage & The Way of Nature**
  • Washington; The Coulees – 4-H youth group

** designates Donor / Sponsor


  • Deep Nature Journeys
  • The Way of Nature
  • Naturakademin Learning Lab, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Beyond Boundaries, USA
  • Upstream Consulting, Colombia
  • The Boulder Institute, USA

Our broader network includes:

  • Pachamama Alliance
  • Alexa Consulting; Cheryl Esposito, Principal**
  • Global Green Grants
  • Cultural Survival / Global Response
  • URI ( United Religions Initiative )
  • Generation Waking Up
  • Sentient Publications, Boulder **
  • Earth Guardians
  • Hummingbird Living School
  • Wild Foundation**

We are grateful to Pixability ** in Boston for their in-kind contribution of video editing and production. At the completion of our first World Nature Quest, you can visit this website to view Pixability’s short video of the experiences participants shared all over the world.

We express our deep gratitude to the AnJel Advised Fund of RSF Social Finance for their important and timely support! These important donor directed funds are empowering the coordination of this project.

“Going Out” in the Canyonlands – (c) bwilson

Canyonlands Questers

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